Eco-friendly Grease Sewer Cleanouts in Washington DC

A sewer line clogged with grease is one huge problem and has to be addressed to immediately by professional plumbers with a specialized line cleaning equipment. Some plumbers who do sewer cleanouts in Washington DC would use snake while others are more upscale like mainline video cameras.

Sewer Cleanouts Washington DC

But don’t you know that you can remove the grease naturally without spending much money on plumbing services?

Eco-friendly Grease Sewer Cleanouts in Washington DC

  1. The use of baking soda. For this to work, you must pour baking soda into your drain monthly. The powder is slightly caustic thus capable of eating away grease stuck in the insiders of your sewer line.
  2. The white vinegar and baking soda combination has the power to clean the pipelines. When combined, it creates bubbles capable of dislodging stubborn grease buildup.
  3. Use washing soda by pouring a cup of it and allowing it to sit in the drain at least over night. The washing soda can be found at the laundry sections of supermarkets. This soda is capable of breaking up clogs and removing grease.